Billeterie en ligne
Jean-Dit-Pannel Lydie

Jean-Dit-Pannel Lydie

born in 1968

media artist, videographer, musician, performer, director, composer

"Seven years ago, my body and I started a migration of witch the butterfly monarch has been the guide.
I crossed the trajectory of these lepidoptera during a visit to the insectarium of Montreal in 2004. The cross-border annual adventure of these colony of colored insects fascinated me. This migration seemed to me of a metaphoric, symbolic and plastic wealth so much so that I made it my privileged reseach ground.

During my trips, I always have the same motif tattooed:
A femalebutterfly monarch in scale 1.
In each city to witch I go (for family, professional, love, secret, touristic, off-the-wall reasons), an local tattoo artist inks in on the left part of my body this recurring pattern. Each tattoer works with the same basic model: an entomological plate of the Danau Plexippus, which they adapt to my skin in their own style, in the most faithful way possible.
I bear currently 36 of these butterflies.
I'm an image in progress.
And like all those I have produced with video since the end of the 80's, I become the matter for editing, rhythm, installation, movement.
From there, all is possible… "

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