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SPAIN, 2017, 00:12:35

Production : SJÖBERG Noemi, MATOS CAPOTE Juan
Genre : Video art
Keyword : Landscape, Sound creation, Time

Summary :
Fluviá River is a work of the sound artist Juan Matos Capote and the visual artist Noemi Sjöberg.

Made during our residence in Ciudat Jardín, Ventallo in April 2017. This work is the third piece in our project around the rivers in Catalonia.  Through all kinds of devices (hydrophones, contact microphones, waterproof cameras, drones ...) we make sound and video field recordings of rivers.  The territories we prioritize in our work are those in which a complex of relations between the natural and the artificial are manifested, without necessarily confrontation.  The study is not intended to be documentary, but clearly subjective. The relationship between the territory, the observed and the external intervention of man.

We are interested in antropospheric land. Submerged, then, in these environments, armed with our film and sound equipment, we record a plastic psycho-geographical document. How man has an effect on the landscape, and how the landscape has an effect on man. We try to record a multitude of elements both sonorous and visual that will be a posteriori selected to re-present a paradoxical vision of reality: although it may seem a documentation, it is, in truth, a specific presentation through the subjective eye and ear.

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