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of SJ÷BERG Noemi

SPAIN, 2012, 00:10:50

Production : SJ÷BERG Noemi
Genre : Video art

Summary :
This work is a collection of six videos. A demonstration of random encounters that proposes to investigate about the concept of beauty from its sensory perception. Moments of attraction on objects and the environment. The chance encounter with a smell, a pleasant smell, which calls without anyone knowing why, perhaps because of all that this represents in the personal "map" of memory. This fleeting, ephemeral, fragile and subtle smell causes a random mixture of emotions. Occurring accidentally, an encounter that happens to be surprising and enjoyable. The memory of a sensation in its original and timeless condition, which causes a feeling that disorients, causing something sweet, tender, warm, purely intuitive. Feeling of lightness, leaving yourself being carried away. An awareness that starts a process, the transformation of something, something that moves, that becomes beautiful: a boat, at dawn, Venice / a little girl discovers the world / the sunrays come and go on her face / the sea rocking / a flock of birds creating random and ephemeral forms / crossing fields of clouds / clouds across fields / the mill running. Background, a cock / Melody in the rue Tunnel / mosque songs / Barking / snowflakes, "arquitectonique" eruption / the earth moves, endless travel. Be in guard, alertness mode, feeling what is latent, be prepared.

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Original language : _wordless
Original format : video
Aspect ratio : 16/9
Chroma : Couleur

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