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of TOTI Gianni

FRANCE, 1997, 00:53:18

Genre : Video art, Video poem
Keyword : Allegory, History, Cultural Identity, Experimental music, Poetry

Summary :
A video-poem opera. Tupac Amauta was the descendant of the last Inca prince. Nine years before the French Revolution, he launched the great revolt of "Los Indios", not only in Peru against Spanish domination, but also the war of independence of the Indians in Latin America. "Amauta" means "the wise man" or "the intellectual" in the Quechua language. "Inca" was the ideal pen- and battle name used by "Los Indios" to name José Carlos MARIATEGUI, the greatest political thinker of Latin America. TUPAC AMAUTA presents itself as the first electronic poem of a trilogy about the dream-(r)evolutions of our time, about the terrible holocausts of conquests, about five hundred years of domination of marvellous civilizations. GRAMSCIATEGUI OU LES POESIMISTES is the second canto. Featuring José Carlos MARIATEGUI III, Elisa ZURLO, Sandra LISKI, Patrick ZANOLI, Gilles MARKETSI.

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Original language : french, italian
Original format : video
Aspect ratio : 4/3
Chroma : Couleur
Available version(s) : Version originale en italien et français

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