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Henricks Nelson

Henricks Nelson

born in 1963, CANADA

media artist, writer, performer, director, videographer, teacher, composer, musician

Born in Bow Island (Alberta, Canada) in 1963, Nelson Henricks studied visual arts in Alberta College of art where he got a bachelor degree in 1986. Multidisciplinry artist, he continued his artistic approach through installation, performance, writing, music, video and film. Focused on videographic production since the arly 90s, he got famous in Canada and aborad, thanks to the distribution of lots of his tapes. In February 1998, he was given the video prize for "Crush". He finished his cinema studies at Concordia University, he has been teaching there the creation of video for two years. His works are distributed by Vidéographe (Montréal), Video Pool (Winnipeg) and V TAPE (Toronto).

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